Sedation in Albia, IA

Peaceful Dental Visits

Do you feel apprehensive about visiting the dentist? Do you wish you could enjoy a deeply relaxed, peaceful visit to the dentist? If so, speak with Dr. Hussong about sedation options, so you can enjoy truly peaceful dental visits. 

Sedation Options

At Heritage Dental, we offer sedation options to our patients. We recognize that some of our patients never think twice about dental services, while many experience a variety of dental-related anxieties. Perhaps you have a phobia of needles, dislike the sights and sounds of the dental office, or simply feel nervous scheduling an appointment. Regardless of your particular concerns, we offer sedatives. A sedative is a type of drug that calms your central nervous system, guiding you into a peaceful, relaxed state. Dr. Hussong offers the following options: 

IV Sedation: Dr. Hussong will provide you with sedative medicine intravenously. He can easily control the amount of medicine you receive throughout your visit for customized care. This sedation option provides you with the deepest form of conscious sedation. However, you may find that though you can communicate and answer questions while you are sedated, you may have a faint or absent memory of your experience. 

Oral Sedation: Similar to IV sedation, this option includes taking a pill by mouth as prescribed by your dentist, Dr. Hussong. Once the sedation takes affect, you will reach a peaceful, relaxed state.  

The Significance Of Sedation

Dental visits are an important part of maintaining a healthy, gorgeous smile. From visiting the dentist for general care like cleanings and checkups to restorative services like fillings, scheduling regular appointments promotes long-term oral health. 

Unfortunately, some patients feel too uneasy to visit us for even routine procedures. We want you to know that our dentist and team recognize your discomfort as relevant and understandable. Our goal is to offer exceptional, accessible care. By providing sedation options, we ensure even patients with dental-related anxiety can receive the care they need and deserve.

Do I Qualify For Sedation? 

If you desire a more peaceful experience at the dentist, either for general visits or particular treatments, you may qualify for sedation. However, your candidacy also rests on your wellbeing. Because sedation includes the administration of a drug, Dr. Hussong will need to examine you and your background to ensure you are fit for sedation. Keep in mind, Dr. Hussong will also require that you secure the help of a trusted friend or loved one to drive you home if you choose IV or oral sedation.

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